Strange! See what was caught On camera during an interview with J.A Kuffour


Former President Reveals Hidden Name In The Box

The former President of Ghana, his Excellency John Agyekum Kuffour has been in an exclusive live interview on Angel Tv with Kofi Adoma Nwawani. The interview was held in the comfort abode of the former president.


The Interview started off with the President' s full name and to the surprise of everyone, Kuffour had a hidden name in the box that many of us had no clue about. He mentioned his full name as Kofi Agyekum Kapon Odiewuo Agyekum Kuffour and John. Amazing! The name " Kapon and Odiewuo' were new to Kofi Adoma Nwawani as well.

Something Strange Captured During An Interview With Ex- President J A Kuffour

More also, something very strange caught my attention when the camera was zoomed on our Ex president' s face. By now, I hope we are all aware that our ex- president is over 80 years and signs of old age such as grey hair, crumpled skin, losing tooth amongst others should be obvious by now right?


However, what was captured was otherwise, something just amazing! A man of 80 plus years had a full set of teeth and smooth skin as well. Our " Gentle Jack " still rocks!

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I was wondering how a man of over 80 years could have ' such beautiful skin without lost teeth. Should we just conclude by saying it' s a sign of good living or God' s blessing. In other news, ex- President John Agyekum Kuffour is seen as the best President ever following Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Do you also agree to that?

The interview was beautifully wrapped up with tree planting with the former president.

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